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What is the value to your business?

Can you survive without it?

We are seeking a contribution on your stake in the industry


A guide for your contribution could be $1 per head based on the number of sheep you sold last year.




Don’t put yourself in a position where you say
‘I should have done more’ .


Show your support.

Whether your contribution is based on a dollar per head or on what value the live export industry means to you, your family and your business, your support makes our vital campaign work possible.


We are 100% Funded by Our Supporters

To make sure we stay independent and keep speaking out for you, the producer, we don’t accept any funding from governments – which means we really do rely on the amazing support from people like you.


The PGA accepts zero government donations so we can remain fiercely independent. We are proud to be able to act without fear of our funding being cut.


This means we rely 100% on supporters like you to fund our work. That’s why your support is so important, it literally powers every campaign we work on.


Your contribution will enable the PGA to campaign, promote and lobby for a strong, vibrant and sustainable livestock industry.


What we will do with the funds:

Financial contributions will be used to support and provide resources for expert marketing strategies, advertising material and campaign administration to advocate federal, state, and local government decision makers, as well as the public, of the economic and social consequences of banning live exports and the impacts of any ban or suspension on producers, regional families, regional communities, rural businesses, and WA’s international trading partners.


“Live Exports - your future depends on it”