Here's what our politicians are saying in support of live sheep exports.

Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, Former Prime Minister

“The live sheep export industry will not be shut down as Australia is showing the world it is a reliable exporter.”

AAP 9 August 2018


Hon. David Littleproud MP, Minister for Agriculture & Water Resources

“Live export is still open for business and has the support of the Australian government”.

West Australian 21 July 2018


Senator the Hon. James McGrath, Qld 

" We will continue to support the export of sheep to the Middle East, and we will proudly continue to support the export of cattle to Indonesia and elsewhere in the world because we are a trading nation and we will export animals because we need to make sure that we stand up for our rural communities."

Hansard 13 August 2018


Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP, Member for New England, NSW

“Animal rights activists would pursue the end of live cattle trade if a total ban on live sheep exports was achieved.”

The West Australian 27 July 2018


Mr Rick Wilson MP, Member for O’Connor

The live export trade is worth around $250 million to the Australian economy, with over 85 per cent of this income generated from WA, largely from my electorate."

Hansard 18 June 2018


Senator Slade Brockman, WA

“The live sheep trade is a critical industry for Western Australia, and it is absolutely imperative that we reject the radical and uninformed activists in their push to jeopardise the livelihoods of thousands of hardworking Western Australians and Australians by ending that trade.” 

Hansard 21 August 2018


Mrs Nola Marino MP, Member for Forrest, WA

“[Banning Live exports] is going to materially affect my state, my family farmers, my small communities and the hundreds of small businesses that service the industry in Western Australia, where 85 % of the live export sheep come from.”

Hansard 26 June 2018

Senator Ian MacDonald, Qld

“It's recognised around the world that animals being exported live from Australia are treated far more humanely than animals from many other parts of the world. If you're genuinely interested in the welfare of all animals and not just Australian animals then you would prefer Australian regulations and Australia's humanity towards animals to be at the forefront, rather than the way some other countries treat their animals in the export of live animals.”

Hansard 18 June 2018


Senator Barry O’Sullivan, Qld

“If we were, for example, to suspend or bring in a prohibition on the export of live sheep from this country to the Middle East... There would be so much downward pressure on the value of sheep that it would have a crippling effect. In fact, some producers would run at a loss if they moved the sheep to market.”

Hansard 18 June 2018 


Senator John Williams, NSW

"It's clear: if we don't supply those two million sheep of live exports, they'll be kept here, abattoirs will overflow with meat, the market will be oversupplied, the price will fall and, most importantly, we'll lose our box sales"

Hansard 18 June 2018


Senator Peter Georgiou,WA

" I urge the crossbench not to consider any bill that ignores the people and communities directly affected by it, nor leave any loophole for the mistreatment of animals."

Hansard 18 June 2018


Mr Rowan Ramsey MP, Member for Grey, SA

“I support the live sheep export industry…I support it on the premise that this trade can be undertaken safely, because it has been before. It can be done.” 

Hansard 26 June 2018


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